Announcing the release of a brand new, Netatmo integration to Hubitat.

This is NOT a ported app.. It is a brand-new integration, written nearly from the ground up. It features driver support for the Base Station, Outdoor Module, Wind Gauge, Rain Gauge, and Indoor Modules.

Despite being part of the brand, HubConnect is NOT required to use this. However, for those who use the HubConnect, this app integrates directly into the HubConnect ecosystem, and uses the same driver no matter if the device is local, or "HubConnect'ed".

Download HubConnect Netatmo Weather Client v1.0

Installation Instructions


Why associate with HubConnect?

The Netatmo Weather Client uses the familiar HubConnect user interface design language.  Selecting devices uses the same, familiar and intuitive HubConnect interface.


Netatmo Client - Device Selection


HubConnect - Device Selection


HubConnect - Configuration

Units of measurement and sound detection are fully configurable for any part of the world.


HubConnect - "Dashboard-friendly" Attributes

All of the device drivers are built with "dashboard-friendly", plain-english names which are ideal for use with Hubitat dashboards.

Lunedì, Gennaio 27, 2020

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