HubConnect 2.0 Release Candidate 1 has been released...  All HubConnect users are invited to test version 2.0!

Note: Server Instance HotFix 1 (build 7801) has been released.


What's New in RC1?

  • Hubitat: Adds an auto-submit on the Quick Select drop-down to ensure that devices are properly saved.
  • Hubitat: Fixes incoming mode & hsm events from Remotes to server instance.
  • Server: Strip IPv6 prefix from socket IP address.

For the Proxy Server, please see the installation instructions in the knowledgebase.

A reminder from the last announcement for local http (HubAction) support on SmartThings:

  1. A hub is required (duh!)
  2. The connection page will now prompt if you have a connected Hub.  Only "Hubless" accounts should answer no.  If you have a hub, answer yes, even if you don't plan to use or test local http support, or if it is turned off.
  3. If you answer no to having a hub, you cannot change the setting without removing and re-installing the instance.  This is because virtual hub devices must be associated with a real hub in ST.
  4. If you answer no to having a hub, no Remote Hub Device will be created in ST and the driver is not needed.
  5. The ST hub is known to reject messaging under even moderate load.  HubConnect will attempt to re-deliver the message up 5 times before giving up.
  6. ST Hubs are not completely reliable at receiving HTTP messages.  If you feel like events are not being consistently received by your ST hub check your logs for errors or timeouts.  Rebooting the hub should fix it, at least for a period of time.  If a reboot doesn't fix it, use another communication method.  Please do not open support tickets on this issue.  It's a SmartThings platform issue.

SmartThings HubAction support is still considered experimental at this time.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up your hubs!
  2. Import all of the changed and/or new files below.
  3. Log in to your server hub, open the HubConnect Server App.
  4. Click [Done] when prompted with the upgrade.
  5. Wait while the update processes, and once the app closes, the upgrade is complete.  Verify/test your installation!

NOTE: There is a lot of extra debugging enabled in the ST Remote Client right now.  This is intentional and will be removed before release.

Here are the changes to the files...

Changed Apps - Hubitat:

  • HubConnect Server
  • HubConnect Server Instance
  • HubConnect Remote Client

Changed Drivers - Hubitat

  • None

New Drivers - Hubitat

  • None

Changed Apps - SmartThings

  • HubConnect Remote Client

Changed Drivers - SmartThings

  • None

New Drivers - SmartThings

  • None

HubConnect Server

  • Proxy.js


Please open a ticket to report any new issues!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

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