HubConnect 2.0 Changelog

Key Features of HubConnect 2.0

  • HubConnect Server - Node JS server which acts as a router, filter, and deduplication engine for the Hubitat Websocket.
  • Intelligent Connect - A simpler, faster and more reliable way to connect  hubd than ever before.
  • Key Push - Changing connection modes on the server side pushes the change to the remote hub so both stay in sync.
  • DeviceMatch - Select devices by physical driver, HubConnect virtual driver, or device capability.
  • DeleteSync - Deleting a virtual device notifies the remote (originating) hub that the device is no longer needed. This instructs the remote hub to stop forwarding events whenever a device is deleted outside of HubConnect.
  • Custom Driver Manifests - Quickly and easily export and import groups of custom driver definitions.
  • Hubitat Virtual Drivers - 10 brand new DeviceMatch drivers that have accurately mirror Hubitat's virtual drivers including supported commands.


What's New - Hubitat

  • Iris SmartPlug, Z-Wave Repeater, & V3Motions now support DeviceMatch.


What's New - SmartThings

  • SmartThings lock event/code translations contributed by storageanarchy.
  • Fixes for special characters in URL's that were causing 400 errors.


New Drivers - Universal

  • Speaker - For Sonos and other LAN-connected speakers.
  • Bulb - A driver with only switch, level, and ChangeLevel capabilities.


New Virtual Drivers - Universal

  • Virtual Acceleration
  • Virtual CO Detector
  • Virtual Contact
  • Virtual Humidity
  • Virtual Illuminance
  • Virtual Moisture
  • Virtual Motion
  • Virtual Multi-Sensor
  • Virtual Omni-Sensor
  • Virtual Presence
  • Virtual Smoke Detector
  • Virtual Temperature
  • 2.0beta
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